reportal: Scheduling and Automation

reportal is a full-featured web-based scheduler that allows you to automate and schedule Power BI, Crystal and SSRS Reports quickly and easily.

Use reportal to schedule your Power BI, Crystal, SSRS and SQL reports from anywhere without the need for special software. reportal offers an extremely powerful scheduling engine with many business class features already included:

  • Administration
    • Completely web-based with user-friendly interface.
    • No need for any special software.
    • Manage schedules from anywhere at anytime.
  • Report types

    Support for multiple report types:

    • Power BI Reports
    • Crystal Reports
    • SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports
    • SQL Reports
    • Static files (Excel, Word, PDF, text)
  • Bursting
    • Burst a single schedule or package to multiple users using dynamic parameters.
    • Dynamically burst to folder locations, SharePoint libraries, printers, FTP sites and email.
    • Dynamically set output file names with parameter values, dates and other metadata.
    • Support for single pass bursting.
  • Advanced Scheduling Options

    Multi-Threaded Scheduling

    • User-defined multi-threaded support allows for greater throughput and scalability.

    Batch Scheduling

    • Schedule any number of reports at once.

    Dynamic Scheduling

    • Scheduler will automatically pick up changes to report settings or distribution lists. No need to redo a schedule.


    • Consolidate multiple schedules into a package and merge output files.
    • Control sequence of schedules running in a package.
    • Manage multiple schedules at once.

    Event-Based Scheduling

    • Execute schedule based on file existence or modification.
    • Execute batch programs and SQL commands pre and post schedule.
    • Execute schedules and packages based on database events (insert, update, delete).

    Exception Handling

    • Set retry options on failure (number of retries, frequency).
    • Execute batch programs and SQL commands post schedule based on success and/or failure.
  • Scheduling options
    • One time
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Custom
    • Daily Frequency (one time or multiple occurrences per day)
    • Duration (start and end times)
    • Every x days, weeks, months
    • Monthly specific or relative schedules ("Day 3 of every 1 month" or "Last Weekday of Every 1 Month")
    • Holiday support. If schedule falls on a holiday: skip, run on prior or next business day.
  • Email options
    • Automatic email sent to admin operators with error message.
    • Dynamic parameters to pass report name and other values.
    • Customize email message, subject and from address by destination.
    • Set To, CC, BCC options.
    • Specify multiple SMTP servers and authentication modes.
    • Use HTML formatting.
    • Embed report output in body of email.
    • Support for OAuth using Office 365 and Gmail.
  • Destination options
    • Email
    • Printer (server-side)
    • File share
    • FTP/SFTP
    • SharePoint
    • Website
    • Slack
    • Dropbox
    • Google Drive

Holiday Support

Create your own list of floating or fixed holidays.


Specify archiving of prior x instances. For example, you can keep the last 4 months of reports and the scheduler will automatically retain those instances for you on a rolling basis.


Clone an existing schedule without having to enter all the data again.

Business Calendars

Save pre-defined schedule templates for re-use.


Consolidation of reports to managers and subordinates.
Dynamic naming of output files.
Encryption of file output (PDF and Excel).
Combine multiple schedules in one package.
Track and audit schedule run times.
Compress output using native zip format.
Granular control of export formatting options.
Create directories dynamically if path does not exist.